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SJC Landscapes

SJC Landscapes is passionate about promoting outdoor living and encouraging people to spend more time in their gardens. We provide a practical approach to the everyday requirements of a garden such as paths, fencing and decking while incorporating softer, natural elements such as plants and water to create a fresh new outdoor environment for you to discover and enjoy. Our water features mimic naturally occurring bodies of water, making a great home for native fish and local flora and fauna.  
Based in the Tweed Shire region, SJC Landscapes is an owner-operated business, founded by Stephen Caruana.

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Stephen Caruana
Stephen Caruana, founder of SJC Landscapes, has over 15 years’ experience in landscaping, landscape construction and pond installation, working across Australia and the U.K. Stephen’s passion is transforming residential gardens and commercial spaces into beautiful, functional and fun spaces. With a passion for gardens, Stephen has also studied horticulture, permaculture, bush regeneration and pond installation, developing his interest in natural ecosystems and their design.  

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