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Streams & Waterfalls

Streams & Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls and streams are a fantastic addition to your outdoor living space as a standalone feature or addition to another one of our ponds. If space is a concern a stream or waterfall can provide the benefits of having a waterscape, in the space available. These water features create tranquillity and provide a soothing soundscape where you can sit back and relax. From a cascading waterfall to a waterfall feature within another pond, these water features require little maintenance and are energy efficient. Appropriate for kids, pets, the environment and encouraging local wildlife these pondless systems bring sound and movement to any space. 

*Price includes the highest quality Aquascapes pond materials and locally sourced, hand selected boulder and river pebble for the ponds construction, as well as feature waterfall,, native pond plants, native fish, installation (machinery hire and labour) and insurance. Prices subject to change. Prices as of March 2022.
* All prices include GST 

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