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Things To Consider Before Installing A Water Feature

When deciding on what water feature you are after there are several factors to consider that may affect your decision.


Firstly, consider where you would like the water feature located. Consider the ponds exposure to sunlight and overhanging trees. Your ponds should get morning sun and afternoon shade to keep the water cool (controlling algae). Additionally, your pond should not be directly below overhanging trees, as they can drop debris and the roots may interfere with the pond. ⁠

Other factors which may affect your ponds placement include:⁠

  • Surface Level – select a spot that has lots of level ground to avoid unnecessary excavation. Also, be aware of the surrounding ground level as hills can increase the water load entering the pond in heavy rainfall

  • Pond Surrounds – ensure there is ample space to plant around the pond and plenty of space for you to sit ⁠

  • Access to Amenities – you will need access to power to run the pump and water to refill the pond as the water evaporates ⁠

  • House Proximity – if your water feature has a stream or waterfall keep it close to your home so you can hear the sound of it ⁠

  • Site access – aim for the water feature to be located somewhere that has easy and clear access from the road as difficult access will increase installation costs


Next decide on the size of the pond you are after. When deciding on a ponds size you should consider its purpose. Do you want your pond for growing plants, containing fish or swimming? This will help determine the depth and shape of the pond.

You may also want to consider:

  • Budget - larger ponds incur higher costs

  • Pond surrounds – your pond size may be influenced by the pond surrounds such as trees, roots and outdoor structures (e.g. pergolas, fences, paving)


Lastly, choosing how to landscape and finish a water feature is the most fun design decision you can make when deciding on your water feature. Through landscaping you can bring in your personal taste and create the aesthetic you desire, to completely transform your outdoor space.

Consider how the following elements can completely personalise your waterscape: ⁠

  • Additional stream, waterfall or decorative water feature⁠

  • Decks, bridges, paving or firepits⁠

  • Lighting ⁠

  • Aeration ⁠

  • Rocks⁠

  • Plants ⁠

  • Fish⁠

The above elements are just some things to consider before proceeding with installing a water feature in your home and may give you an indication on the budget, design and type of water feature you desire. Once these elements have been considered book a consultation with us and we can discuss these ideas with you!


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